Scientology & Philosophy: An Experiential Overview

Scientology & Philosophy

While stepping away from the Church of Scientology I wrote my first book on a topic I felt had not been adequately covered, attempting an overview of Scientology’s ‘lived philosophy’.

Since publication in 2019, I have studied three years of arts units at a university level, including philosophy, linguistics, and other fields. Reflecting on my first book, it leaves some to be desired where it comes to philosophy; it could be built upon.

The book is an introduction to Scientology’s lived philosophy—an overview.

Yet most—if not all—discourse on Scientology is conducted by those who have already made up their minds. Scientology & Philosophy was written during a period of intense questioning, when nothing was certain. Punches were thus pulled, and nothing sticks as final.

The contribution Scientology & Philosophy offers, therefore—in addition to an introduction to Scientology’s lived philosophy—is a glimpse into ‘a mind in-between’.

Such uncertainty is something we might just want a little more of.

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