Scientology & Philosophy: An Experiential Overview

Scientology & Philosophy

Scientology is a subject few have not now heard of. Proposed as a religion, it receives regular public beatings for its reported zealotry, particularly amongst its inner acolytes. Stories of personal struggle, financial hardship and familial turmoil are abundant, and in the public eye the subject as a whole seems largely tainted.

Yet through all the sorrow and joy that is the lot of any religion, it remains true that undergirding the belief structure almost always lies pure philosophy. In other words, philosophy is—amongst other things—the predecessor to religion.

Stifled under the weight of emotionally-charged discourse, the basic philosophical postulations of Scientology have been kept largely out of the limelight. Often caricatured away from their original accentuations—on the order of “Christians primarily believe that Moses literally parted the Red Sea”—the philosophical roots of Scientology lay wide-open for inquiry, unshackled from religious adulation in their original form.

Scientology & Philosophy: An Experiential Overview treats the philosophy of Scientology within the context of wider philosophical discussion, shedding light—in a balanced manner—on what the everyday Scientologist philosophically holds dear.

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