Mission Statement

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I have moved the deeper public discourse on Scientology philosophy to Patreon as a platform for support and interactive feedback, both of which I value highly.

It is fitting to have a mission statement:

My project is to deconstruct Scientology at its fundamental level. I aim to take the basic philosophical components apart for rigorous analysis.

Where this leads I do not know, for I take the first step of the project as “not know”, anticipating many years of change through study and discourse. I will complete my first degree, a BA, in 2024.

The major task of the project is to expound the fundamental philosophy of Scientology, to better help those who have been touched by it as well as the wider society who may be interested in it. The method is not predetermination to revere nor denigrate, but to describe, compare and contrast.

Would I like to forge a post-scientology philosophy once the major task is done? Preferably. For I would rather build when all is said and done. However, the worth of this will remain obscure until the first task is complete; perhaps the philosophy merely needs rejuvenation or perhaps it should stay deconstructed. Thus, this possibility would likely occur at the post-doc level, many years from today.

I am inviting those who are familiar with Scientology or who have an intellectual interest in it to join me on Patreon for the ongoing deconstruction and feedback process. I have started with ‘Page One’ of Scientology.