Jordan Peterson demonstrates the need for an intellectual understanding of Scientology

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The more I live beyond the Church of Scientology and the practice of Scientology, the more I study and gain life experience, the more I am coming to an understanding that Hubbard’s Scientology contains abuse. However, this same path is revealing to me not a lack of philosophical depth in Scientology but the opposite, to the dismay of some.

Yet these are not opposing notions. To the contrary, that Scientology has been abusive while philosophical deep is a logical explanation to why Scientology is, one can argue, the standout controversial religious movements of the 20th century.

Scientology is not going away. It has diversified its geographical locations and membership and canon too successfully for any ‘ban’ (or several of them) to end it. It will carry on in some fashion, however big, small, or fringe. We may as well understand it, and understand it well.