Defensive Philosophy: A Shield Against Nonsense

Coming January 2024…

Philosophy has a reputation for being complex and difficult. Must it be so? 

Written as an undergraduate project of creative philosophy, Defensive Philosophy argues not only that philosophy is unnecessarily complicated by fancy words and an unfounded modern obsession over language, but that the very practice of engaging in complex philosophising is a protective mechanism which hides nonsense—disguising sometimes dangerous ideas in unusual language few can tackle. 

Using everyday language and flippancy to dismiss complexity in philosophy as nonsense, Defensive Philosophy relates a common sense approach to philosophy founded in ordinary human existence. From this vantage point, Defensive Philosophy offers a method of navigating philosophical and everyday issues with critical and creative thinking based not on certainty but uncertainty, revealing troubling complications for traditional systems of ethics. 

Finally, for the academically inclined, a supplement of concise essays clarify and reflect on the methods and key claims of Defensive Philosophy, connecting its themes to the academic disciplines which inspired it.