Deconstructing Scientology: YouTube vs. Patreon vs. Academia

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I began a YouTube channel late in 2023 to bring my continuing interest in Scientology philosophy to the public sphere. I felt it was time to contribute to the public discourse beyond my 2019 book. I also wanted feedback on my approach. That feedback was difficult to bear yet bore initial fruit; first, the separation of Scientology philosophy from L. Ron Hubbard; second, the potential generation of a postscientology philosophy. The process also offered me a chance to vent and heal… (I am ambivalent about this aspect).

However, with the two major developments above in hand—plus a litany of smaller critiques—the YouTube feedback process dried up, delivering bitterness without fruit. I have since been floundering for a path forward which would remain public yet fruitful.

It occurs to me that I am not the only person deeply interested in this project; though, I will admit, dealing with my own issues publicly has obfuscated exactly what my project is. Indeed, I have sometimes struggled to delineate it.

My project is to deconstruct Scientology at its fundamental level. I aim to take the basic philosophical components apart for rigorous analysis.

I am undertaking university studies to this end, beginning with a BA in linguistics and English literature followed by a BLit in History (I am eyeing a BSc in psychology and philosophy and an MLA in philosophy and theology before I begin my planned doctorate, but don’t hold me to this exactly). I aim to study deeply and contribute original substantive research. This takes time, measured in years. This will one day, fingers crossed, result in a doctoral dissertation.

In the meantime, I would like to continue the fruitful feedback process which began on YouTube without its bitterness. I believe Patreon is the answer. By creating a closed—yet still public—community, those who wish to contribute to the conversation in a meaningful way can without the noise. For I have learned that the depth of Scientology philosophy is beyond the noise thrown at it.

Patreon additionally offers a viable means for renumeration of my time. Since leaving Scientology, I have found myself preoccupied with its philosophy to such a degree that it is, in truth, my career path.