Lazy ‘Scientology’ Thinking

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I well recall lazy 'Scientology' thinking: any situation in life diagnosed with total certainty. Situation x must necessarily be because of y; b happening means d; c signifies k. No alternate possibilities—unless two or three exclusive choices: s is f, v, or z; 'maybe' a sign of insanity. I write 'Scientology' because I'm not convinced this is sort of thinking is intrinsic to Scientology philosophy—it was cultural during my time associating with the Church of…

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My (Continuing) Interest in Scientology

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This is a longer post for those interested. My recent interviews have given me a gift of clarification. First, I have re-uploaded an emended Formal Resignation from the Church of Scientology. I have also re-uploaded a Question I posted to Scientologists affiliated with the Church of Scientology in the days after receiving my excommunication (my resignation precipitated excommunication). I have come to accept that my path forward does not lead back to good standing with…

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Am I a Scientologist?

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I was born to Scientologist parents who were members of the Church of Scientology at one time or another. I was a card-carrying Scientologist until 31 years of age, when I began breaking away from the Church of Scientology. Then in February 2022 I formally resigned from the Church of Scientology. And in November 2022 I was excommunicated by the Church of Scientology. So, am I still a Scientologist? In popular culture there are two…

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Just One Question…

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Aug 2023 re-upload with slight amendment. Original post written upon being excommunicated from the Church of Scientology. For those Scientologists affiliated with today's Church of Scientology who happen to stumble upon me, I have just one question: “What would a world run by your organisation look like?” With what you know, independently of me or anyone else, consider all the fruits this tree bears. Consider your various Departments of Inspections and Reports and Special Affairs—what if these had…

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Formal Resignation from Church of Scientology

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2023 Update: In Feb 2022 I posted a resignation from ‘Scientology’. This was a little ambiguous because just as Catholicism is not the Catholic Church, Scientology is not the Church of Scientology. In Nov 2022 I was excommunicated by the Church of Scientology. Since then I have continued my studies and come to different positions and clarifications. At one point I took down my resignation. But that did not resolve the ambiguity either. This emended…

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Is Scientology like “The Master”?

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The Master (2012) A couple months ago I sat down and watched The Master for the first time. It is late 2019, and the film was released in 2012, so I am only seven years late. It wasn’t that I had particularly avoided the film. I recall watching the trailers before its release. Somehow they just didn’t quite grab me and I forgot about the film. But just like the time I forgot about that…

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Scientology & Philosophy: An Essay

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Scientology is a subject few have not now heard of. Proposed as a religion, it receives regular public beatings for its reported zealotry, particularly amongst its inner acolytes. Stories of personal struggle, financial hardship and familial turmoil are abundant, and in the public eye the subject as a whole seems largely tainted. Stifled under the weight of emotionally-charged discourse, the basic philosophical postulations of Scientology are kept out of the limelight. Yet where basic concepts…

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