Deconstructing Scientology: YouTube vs. Patreon vs. Academia

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I began a YouTube channel late in 2023 to bring my continuing interest in Scientology philosophy to the public sphere. I felt it was time to contribute to the public discourse beyond my 2019 book. I also wanted feedback on my approach. That feedback was difficult to bear yet bore initial fruit; first, the separation of Scientology philosophy from L. Ron Hubbard; second, the potential generation of a postscientology philosophy. The process also offered me…

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Mission Statement

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I have moved the deeper public discourse on Scientology philosophy to Patreon as a platform for support and interactive feedback, both of which I value highly. It is fitting to have a mission statement: My project is to deconstruct Scientology at its fundamental level. I aim to take the basic philosophical components apart for rigorous analysis. Where this leads I do not know, for I take the first step of the project as "not know",…

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Jordan Peterson demonstrates the need for an intellectual understanding of Scientology

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The more I live beyond the Church of Scientology and the practice of Scientology, the more I study and gain life experience, the more I am coming to an understanding that Hubbard's Scientology contains abuse. However, this same path is revealing to me not a lack of philosophical depth in Scientology but the opposite, to the dismay of some. Yet these are not opposing notions. To the contrary, that Scientology has been abusive while philosophical…

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What I Learned Interacting with the Anti-Scientology Community

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There is an entity known as the Church of Scientology. It practices familial disconnection and financial extortion, among other things. I have denounced the Church of Scientology. There is an opposing loose affiliation known as the Anti-Scientology community. It is more decentralised than the Church of Scientology but nevertheless demonstrates recurring prominent leadership figures. Six months ago I decided to speak-up and engage in interviews with Anti-Scientology community members. The subsequent engagements have been both…

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And Finally, My Answer Is: Post-Scientology Philosophy

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Only catch is: someone better accurately describe Scientology philosophy—as itself—first, before critiquing it. I plan to complete this project, in time. It's going to be a long journey. Most folks know nothing about Scientology philosophy beyond hit-piece media on the Church of Scientology. That's not good enough for my journey. I want to deeply understand the philosophy I was born into and once entrenched in.

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A Hubbardless Scientology Philosophy?

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A recent blog post has whittled down my continuing interest in Scientology. Abandoned components of Scientology now include its Church; its 'Bridge', ‘Tech’, and space opera; and its policy (‘Admin’); none of these hold my interest beyond nostalgia. My formal interest lies solely in Scientology philosophy, by which I mean such things as metaphysics, etc. Recently I started a YouTube channel where I reviewed some of Hubbard’s writings as practice for speaking in front of…

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My (Continuing) Interest in Scientology

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This is a longer post for those interested. My recent interviews have given me a gift of clarification. First, I have re-uploaded an emended Formal Resignation from the Church of Scientology. I have also re-uploaded a Question I posted to Scientologists affiliated with the Church of Scientology in the days after receiving my excommunication (my resignation precipitated excommunication). I have come to accept that my path forward does not lead back to good standing with…

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Am I a Scientologist?

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I was born to Scientologist parents who were members of the Church of Scientology at one time or another. I was a card-carrying Scientologist until 31 years of age, when I began breaking away from the Church of Scientology. Then in February 2022 I formally resigned from the Church of Scientology. And in November 2022 I was excommunicated by the Church of Scientology. So, am I still a Scientologist? In popular culture there are two…

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Just One Question…

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Aug 2023 re-upload with slight amendment. Original post written upon being excommunicated from the Church of Scientology. For those Scientologists affiliated with today's Church of Scientology who happen to stumble upon me, I have just one question: “What would a world run by your organisation look like?” With what you know, independently of me or anyone else, consider all the fruits this tree bears. Consider your various Departments of Inspections and Reports and Special Affairs—what if these had…

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