Am I a Scientologist?

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I was born to Scientologist parents who were members of the Church of Scientology at one time or another. I was a card-carrying Scientologist until 31 years of age, when I began breaking away from the Church of Scientology. Then in February 2022 I formally resigned from the Church of Scientology. And in November 2022 I was excommunicated by the Church of Scientology.

So, am I still a Scientologist?

In popular culture there are two principal directions I can take. One is to be an outspoken critic of all things Scientology, dissolving any distinction between Scientology as a subject and the Church of Scientology; the other is to retain the distinction by shunning the Church while retaining the beliefs (and practices). Neither appeal to me.

My continuing interest in Scientology is philosophical and theological. This sits within the frame of the subject of Scientology; its Church now eliciting merely incidental interest. But philosophical enquiry demands debate and scrutiny—no ‘independent Scientology’ for me.

Truthfully, I do not foresee myself participating in Scientology psychological-spiritual processes anyway. That door feels closed to me. And I have no interest in Scientology’s group policies.

Thus strip out Scientology policy and technical application from my purview. The philosophy and theology remain. I am formally studying these subjects and others. This will be a long process.

So, am I still a Scientologist? Depends on your definition I suppose. I’m not a member. I’m not a believer. I’m not a practicer. I am a student of philosophy and theology with a deep thirst for Scientology’s postulations.

I know not the conclusions. I do know I seek the positive.